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Tristan und Isolde August 2018- Isolde Project 1 - San Francisco
Claude Heater Foundation

Tristan und Isolde August 2018- Isolde Project 1 - San Francisco

Claude Heater Foundation presented Tristan und Isolde Concert Version on August 26, 2018, for the first time as Company's inaugural event. With only 1 Orchestra rehearsal, all soloists debuting the role on the stage for the first time including Conductor. REVIEWS Tristan und Isolde, August 26, 2018, at San Francisco Performing Art Herbst Theatre, San Francisco Conductor - Jonathan Khuner Tristan - Roy Cornelius Smith Isolde  - Juyeon Song Brangäne - Tamara Gallo Kurwenal - Geoffry Di Giorgio Melot, Young Sailor  -Alex Boyer King mark Philip Skinner  Chorus Rick Bogart Ching Chang Michael Mendelssohn Khris Sanchez Peter Tedeschi, Michael Grammer Richard Mix, J.T. Williams (with Philip Skinner and Alex Boyer) Orchestra VIOLIN 1  Natasha Makhijani (concertmistress) Vivian Warkentin Dan Flanagan Julie Kim Brian Lee Michael Grossman Jory Fankuchen Gabrielle Wunsch Ilana Thomas Matthew Vincent  VIOLIN 2  Hrabba Atladdottir Rochelle Nguyen Candy Sanderson Cybele D’ambrosio Josie Fath Baker Peeples Katie Button Valerie Tisdel  VIOLA  Tiantian Lan Betsy London Meg Titchener Ilana Matfis Stephanie Ng  VIOLONCELLO  Eric Sung Leighton Fong Beth Vandervennet Michael Graham Miriam Perkoff  BASSPat McCarthy Michel Taddei Alden Cohen  FLUTE Tod Brody Jenny Hunt Amy Likar  PICCOLO Amy Likar  OBOE Robin May Denis Harper  ENGLISH HORN Laura Reynolds  CLARINET Bill Kalinkos Art Austin  BASS CLARIENT Peter Josheff  PERSONNEL MANAGER  BASSOON  Jarratt Rossini Marko Bajzer Shawn Jones  FRENCH HORN Meredith Brown Alicia Telford Katie Dennis Alex Camphouse  TRUMPET            Bill Harvey Lenny Ott John Freeman  TROMBONE       Bruce Chrisp Tom Hornig Kurt Patzner  TUBA                   Scott Choate  TIMPANI             Kevin Neuhoff  PERCUSSION    Tim Dent  HARP                  Meredith Clark  “Done with vigor, sensitivity and vocal stamina. With conductor Jonathan Khuner leading a vivid rendition, and soprano Juyeon Song and tenor Roy Cornelius Smith blazing forth in the title roles, this was an entirely unexpected delight. There was no denying the integrity and power of this Tristan.” – Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle  “A wonderful event. The Claude Heater Foundation has made a promising, daring, welcome entrance.” – Janos Gereben, San Francisco Classical Voice Best of the year 2018 in Classical Music “One of the great musical surprises of the year was a concert performance of Wagner’s masterpiece of forbidden love, given Aug. 26 in Herbst Theatre. This is a piece that can challenge even established opera companies, and to hear it done this well by representatives of the Claude Heater Foundation – with soprano Juyeon Song and tenor Roy Cornelius Smith in the title roles led by conductor Jonathan Khuner – defied reasonable expectations.” – Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle
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